Buy Philip Kingsley Shampoo Pure Silver 1000ml (Value £76) with a discount

Philip Kingsley Shampoo Pure Silver 1000ml (Value £76)
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Philip Kingsley Shampoo Pure Silver 1000ml (Value £76)

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Philip Kingsley Shampoo Pure Silver 1000ml (Value £76) for sale at Allbeauty within the category Haircare Products and under the brand Philip Kingsley. See all discounts and campaigns on Allbeauty.

Product information

Benefits: Adds brightness and shine to grey and brassy blonde hair. Hair texture: Fine, Medium, Coarse, African-Caribbean. Purple tones reduce the appearance of yellow discolouration on brassy blonde and dull grey hair. This shampoo fluoresces under UV light so hair appears brighter and healthier. Dramatically enhances shine and glossiness of hair. Calming and soothing lavender fragrance. Does not deposit purple tones or stain the hair like some violet shampoos, making it suitable for daily use. -Brighten blonde or grey hair with this purple shampoo -With each use, hair is temporarily more vibrant and shiny -Great for use in between salon visits to make your colour last longer -Ideal for naturally grey hair that needs a colour boost, or natural/dyed blonde hair that has started to look brassy. To use: Apply to wet hair. Lather well with a gentle kneading of the scalp. Rinse and repeat if necessary. Follow with the appropriate Philip Kingsley conditioner and scalp toner. Key ingredients: -Optical Brighteners and Violet Hues - reduce appearance of discolouration, giving reflective shine and a brighter appearance -Ethylhexylglycerin - delivers moisture to the hair

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