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Philip Kingsley Treatments Elasticizer Extreme 500ml
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Philip Kingsley Treatments Elasticizer Extreme 500ml

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Product information

Philip Kingsley created the world's first pre-shampoo, deep-conditioning hair treatment, Elasticizer, in 1974, which he formulated personally for one of his most famous clients, Audrey Hepburn! Elasticizer Extreme is an intensive pre-shampoo conditioning treatment that helps restore moisture and prevent breakage. Ideal for very porous, thirsty hair. Super conditioning and moisturising pre-shampoo treatment for all variations of African-Caribbean hair Also suitable for very over processed and damaged Caucasian hair. Contains higher active doses of the ingredients found in Elasticizer to address the unique structure, styling and grooming needs of African-Caribbean hair or very damaged Caucasian hair Delivers instant replenishment, hydration and nourishment Leaves hair full of elasticity, bounce and reflective shine. To use: -Apply before shampooing -Dampen the hair with water and apply Elasticizer Extreme in sections to mid-lengths and ends, ensuring maximum coverage. -Cover hair with a shower cap or towel. The heat created helps the nutrients to be fully absorbed. -Leave for a minimum of 10-20 minutes, or as long as you wish. You can even sleep in Elasticizer. -Rinse thoroughly and shampoo and condition as normal. You can shampoo twice if you want to ensure all residue is removed. -Suitable for use on coloured hair. Note: Do not use Elasticizer 72 hours before or after dying your hair as it may affect how the colour takes during this period. Key ingredients: Hydrolyzed Elastin - adds strength, body and elasticity. Improves hair's tensile strength and moisture retention, reducing breakage Castor Oil - helps to lock in moisture Olive Oil - high in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids which help to moisturise and boost shine Glycerin - helps hair to retain moisture

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