Buy Philip Kingsley Kits Big Day Prep Collection (Worth £49.50) with a discount

Philip Kingsley Kits Big Day Prep Collection (Worth £49.50)
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Philip Kingsley Kits Big Day Prep Collection (Worth £49.50)

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Philip Kingsley Kits Big Day Prep Collection (Worth £49.50) for sale at Allbeauty within the category Haircare Products and under the brand Philip Kingsley. See all discounts and campaigns on Allbeauty.

Product information

Philip Kingsley are proud to be an Official Patron of the Harry and Meghan wedding album published by Regal Press. This carefully curated collection celebrates this and provides the ultimate wedding prep kit to ensure your hair looks and feels its best, whether you have your own big day coming up, or just want your hair to stand out from the crowd as a guest. Set contains: -Coconut Breeze Elasticizer Pre-Shampoo Conditioning Treatment 75ml: An intensely conditioning pre-shampoo treatment that boosts elasticity, bounce, and shine in hair while providing UV protection and prolonging the life of colour treatments. It is also infused with a fragrance inspired by Kingsley's love of America's West Coast, scented with bergamot, orange, and soft peach for the freshness of the sea while coconut, jasmine, and vanilla reflect it's magical sunsets. To use: Apply before shampooing. Dampen the hair with water and apply Elasticizer in sections to mid-lengths and ends, ensuring maximum coverage. Cover hair with a shower cap or towel. The heat created helps the nutrients to be fully absorbed. Leave for a minimum of 10-20 minutes, or as long as you wish. You can even sleep in Elasticizer. Rinse thoroughly and shampoo and condition as normal. You can shampoo twice if you want to ensure all residue is removed. Suitable for use on coloured hair Note: Do not use Elasticizer 72 hours before or after dying your hair as it may affect how the colour takes during this period only -Body Building Shampoo 75ml: This shampoo for fine textured hair or hair lacking in density is suitable for frequent use. Its special formula gently cleanses whilst adding volume, body and shine to fine, limp or flyaway hair. Enhanced with keratin proteins and natural cellulose, Body Building shampoo will improve your hair's strength and condition, as well as thicken the appearance and feel of each individual strand. To use: Apply to wet hair and lather well with a gentle kneading of the scalp. Rinse and repeat if necessary. Hair fact: Frequent washing does not strip essential oils from the hair or scalp. -Body Building Conditioner 75ml: For fine textured hair with little or no processing. Perfect for those who wish to add body to limp, lifeless hair. This unique formula detangles, controls flyaways and adds shine without weighing the hair down. The addition of wheat protein improves the hair's overall volume and at the same time strengthens the condition of each individual strand. Body Building Conditioner also contains lightweight cuticle smoothing and anti-static ingredients for extra lustre. To use: After shampooing, apply sparingly to mid lengths and ends of hair. Rinse well and follow with the appropriate scalp toner. Hair fact: All hair textures should use a conditioner. -Daily Damage Defence Protecting Hair Spray 60ml: This leave-in protective conditioning spray adds elasticity and provides defence from daily heat styling, breakage and environmental effects. Daily Damage Defence detangles, adding shine and manageability for all hair types. Use in addition to regular Elasticizer treatments for optimum results. For use on wet hair after washing to de-tangle or can be scrunched into dry hair to remove frizz. To use: Shake before use. Spray throughout wet hair. Finer hair textures, apply sparingly through mid lengths and ends. Leave in formula, comb through.

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